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Welcome to my personal website.

First and foremost, thank you for your visit!

For those whom I have known and interacted with for quite a while, thank you for your fantastic support so far. You have always been an endless source of confidence and creativeness to me on the music production and performance journey.

If we haven’t met before, once again thank you so much for your dropping by. I am glad to get to know you and hope we can talk more in the coming time.

In this website I am going to share about my music passion and productions over the past 7 years. Most of my favourite renditions can be found in ‘Discography‘. If you are interested in discussing on various topics related to music, please visit ‘My Blog‘ for regular updates. If you would like to connect with me on social media, please find the connections from the side-bar on the right column of this website.

This website, despite being my personal website, is a subset of HARITA Productions. To find out more about HARITA Productions, please click here.

Finally, I hope you enjoy browsing the pages, have a nice day and do keep in touch!

With love,
Richard Tăng Dật Hanh