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Richard Tang – A deserved winner!

Richard Tang - A Deserved Winner

Born in 1987 in a small peaceful and romantic town 300 kilometers to the north of Ho Chi Minh city, Dat Hanh (Richard) was inspired by music from his family members since he was a little boy. His father was a bass player for the town’s band in which his uncle was the lead guitarist. His mother used to sing with the band on a regular basis. Another uncle of him is a songwriter.

However, he did not decide to pursue music as a lifetime passion in the first place … until one day, when he met a young girl with a warm and soulful voice. This was a great inspiration for him to write the very first songs of his own. Although this girl is now a thousand miles away, she left in Dat Hanh’s soul a vehement passion for music and turned him from a boring bookworm into a freelance artist.

He started to appear in some big and small singing competitions in his town and in Ho Chi Minh city, some of which brought him good recognition. He was then invited to perform as well as record for some producers in Vietnam. During the two years of his singing career in Ho Chi Minh city (2005-2007), under the tutelage of songwriter Giac An, Dat Hanh has a wonderful opportunity to improve his singing, performing and songwriting skills/techniques and to meet with great artists, among whom are Sir Pham Duy and Sir Tran Van Khe.

Coming to Singapore in 2007, he continued his music career path by doing music arrangement and also performing for Gentle Fund Organization’s charity concerts. Being a third-year student in NUS Business School now, he is busy with assignments, projects, tests and meetings all the time. But those would not ever retard him from continuing to train and polish himself on the way to become a qualified artist.

Prior to his success in Sparkz, Dat Hanh was one of the finalists of Stardust 2009. Besides, he was also invited to be a Judge for the big scale singing competition ‘Project-V’ of VNNTU and the ‘Supernova’ talent show of VNCNUS.

Sparkz 2010

Source: Expression Happens

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